Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-25T12:59:23+00:00

Frequently asked questions

What is Premium Rate Number?2019-02-04T13:15:04+00:00

A Premium Rate Number (PRN), is a phone number which usually incurs a higher caller cost than a regular landline or fixed number.

Who can use the numbers?2019-02-04T13:16:26+00:00

These numbers are used by companies or individuals. Many markets (especially in Asia, Middle East and Africa) do not have domestic solutions of this type available. That is where IPRN numbers are used.

Do numbers work in all countries?2019-02-04T13:17:34+00:00

No, not all numbers can be used anywhere in the world. Each number has a different access from different countries. We recommend you use our Test numbers. We provide updated access lists for most of our terminations. Contact us and we will assist you to select the solution that works best for your business model.

Important: IPRN numbers cannot be used (called) from the same country. Therefore if your number is German, any calls made from Germany will not be allowed.

How do I start working?2019-02-04T13:17:55+00:00

Contact us through »Contact« section on our Website and we will send you a form to fill. After the registration process is finished, you can request for the numbers and start working!

How and when do I get paid?2019-03-14T09:19:46+00:00

We transfer your payment through Bank Wire transfer at the end of payment cycles (7/3 or 30/45). We are working towards offering our valuable Customers new payment options in near future.

What does 7/3 and 30/45 payment cycle mean?2019-02-04T13:18:49+00:00

The first figure represent the production time and the second one represent the days after the payment is due. Payments depend on specific Carrier and vary one from the other. Example: 7/3 means your production time was one week. Your payment is processed 3 days after the end of production time.

What is the minimum limit for the payment to take place?2019-08-12T12:35:24+00:00

The minimum limit is 50 for both EUR and USD.

And if I can’t reach the minimum limit?2019-02-04T13:19:42+00:00

No problem at all. Your amount will be added to your next payment term. For example, if you make only 100 USD the first week, your balance will be added to the amount you made in the next billing period – until you reach 200 USD.

Can I see my live traffic stats?2019-02-04T13:20:08+00:00

Yes. We offer Real Time Stats online to each partner.

Does your Website allow affiliates or subaccounts?2019-02-04T13:20:32+00:00

Yes. You can easily add resellers under your account and start building your business network! Allocate the numbers to your clients and enjoy full admin control and view 24/7 call statistics.