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IPRN (International Premium Numbers) are value added services used as billing solution to charge end users in exchange of many various services. These are provided by so called content providers, offering popular content such as daily horoscopes, adult chats, tech support and much more.

The benefits are enormous because it allows content providers to sell their services through trustworthy networks all around the globe. Especially valuable are to end customers in countries, where this kind of services are not available at all (Arabic world).

Premium rate numbers can also be used as payment method with high security level as no personal informations are disclosed in the process.

International Premium Numbers for mobile
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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Our team of experts can provide you with ready-made solution, tailored to your company’s needs. IVR is an automated telephony system which interacts with callers through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad. We offer you customized IVR with simple navigation. The system supports many business cases such as

  • Televoting
  • Consulting
  • Access to payable telephone directories
  • Donation collection for charities
  • Weather forecasting
  • and many more


On-time payments are essential in International Premium Numbers Business. Sonner Telecommunications offers one of the highest payouts in the industry. For more detailed information about payment terms, please see under FAQ.

Real Time Stats

User friendly interface provides you with real-time data and daily reports so you and your business partners can track important performance stats and revenue stream.

Real time statistics

About Sonner Telecommunications

We are team of specialists in telecom services, providing you with extensive range of International Premium Rate numbers. We help our clients to build their business and maintain strong ethical relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Most of our client’s services include custom tailored audio services: horoscope, adult stories competitions and voting call center, chat lines, lottery, weather forecasts, etc.

Direct interconnections with the global market leaders enable us to offer our customers extensive list of destinations and ability to reach end users across the globe.

Our Business Management Application allows you complete insight into statistics of your calls and much more – you can easily add resellers under your account! This way, you have the freedom to focus more on sales and marketing without having to invest in expensive technical solutions.

Sonner Telecommunications is passionate about being different and thrive on enabling anybody to grow their business potential – regardless of your nationality, your location and personal wealth.

Our vision is to become the first choice for any entrepreneur professional from the wholesale telecom world in search of a premium numbers business partner. This is why we work and learn only from the best.

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